I got my Pressy in the mail today:

2014-06-30 18.11.27

For those who aren’t familiar with it, it was a Kickstarter project back in October, 2013.  Essentially, it takes your headphone jack and makes it into a hardware button.  As someone who almost never uses their headphone jack, this seemed like a great idea.

So far, I have it set up to launch the camera with a long press, play/pause media with a short press, immediately take a photo with two long presses, and start the flashlight with three long presses.  The big problem is that it’s just not reliable enough; one short press and one long press command seems to work well enough, but start throwing in multiple presses and the whole thing falls apart. There’s something undeniably cool about being able to launch my camera or play/pause my podcasts without even unlocking my phone, though. My gut feeling right now is that it may end up with a permanent place in my keychain, but not necessarily a permanent place in my phone.  At this point I’m almost more excited to see what third-party developers do with it.

Once I’ve spent a few days with it, I’ll post again with more detailed impressions.