The Verge writes:

Finally, before concluding my visit to the Hello Games studio, I was handed a PS4 controller and allowed to take my own tour of No Man’s Sky. Exploring the colorful planet from the company’s demo reel, I scanned a mossy cave for resources, scared away a few deer scampering about bright-orange underbrush, and got carried away with my jetpack. There wasn’t any point to it other than sheer curiosity, but nothing more was needed. The dreamy sci-fi ambience made the experience of exploring rewarding enough by itself. No Man’s Sky is not a game that you can win or lose, but it certainly won me over at the first attempt. Look for it on PC and the PS4 at an appropriately indeterminate point in the unexplored future.

I know there’s literally no way this game can ever match my expectations at this point, but I still can’t help but be hyped for it.  I WANT TO BELIEVE.

The possibility of VR support through Oculus Rift or Morpheus is just icing on the cake.