Polygon has a preview up of the new Dragon Age, due out October 7th:

My hour or so with the game took place in the world’s Hinterlands near the Red Cliff Village. The Hinterlands, Laidlaw told me, are so big you could “pour all of Origins into just this region and it would fit.”

The game’s world is made up of more than eight “enormous regions” like the Hinterlands and many smaller ones. And these locations are packed with choices and consequences, all governed by what Laidlaw called the World Master.

This game might just be enough to lure me back into Dragon Age after DA2 so thoroughly pushed me away. I keep hearing that “this one area is bigger than all of Origins!” like, though, and it makes me wonder how exactly that’s being measured. Origins wasn’t an open-world game, but it wasn’t asmall game, either. I’m less interested in size and more interested in diversity and interesting content; DA2 drove me away because the entire game felt like the Deep Roads area of Origins, which was almost enough to drive me away from that otherwise-fantastic game.

Size doesn’t impress me – content does. Still, fingers are crossed.