I recently replied to this post on The Verge, and I think my response is worth sharing as it sums up my current view on status of mobile tech, at least as it pertains to Android and iOS.

For the past couple years I’ve owned the 3 last Nexus devices: the Galaxy, the 4 and the 5. Each one got better than the last. Before that, I had a various smattering of iPhones, Blackberries, Sony Ericsson devices, Nokias. But, being the finicky bugger that I am, the other day I randomly decided to buy an iPhone 5S.

In any instance there’s a tiny bit of give and take on both ends and overall they probably just average out to being “Holy shit, both of these phones are pretty damn good and basically do everything I need them to do within reason.”

TL;DR: The platform war is over. Everything is beige.

I couldn’t agree more, especially with iOS8 bringing a lot of the features I’ve enjoyed on Android to the iPhone. It’s becoming less and less about what’s better, but about the small details and which of those details matters most to the individual user. For me, it’s come down to a few key things:

  1. I actually really love wireless charging, though I understand why others don’t care about it. Now that I’ve had it, though, the sheer convenience factor is something that’s hard to overlook.
  2. I prefer a larger device – 4.5-5 inches – to a smaller device.
  3. I want full control of my phone, at least where carrier crap is concerned. Don’t give me your shitty software, or your ridiculous restrictions on how I can use the data that I am paying you for. The Nexus 5 is the purest form of that, but the iPhone is the next best thing. I find it incredibly unlikely my next phone will be something besides a Nexus or an iPhone.

The thing is, none of these are deal breakers – they’re small details, but they’ve become important to me in a world where everything else is basically equal.