A common question tech bloggers are often asked is: What are your Daily Drivers? This section is devoted to my current gadget list, along with a brief explanation as to why I chose that particular thing.  You should not consider this a guide about what you should buy, because that would be silly.  Everyone is different and people have very, very different needs.  Rather than looking at what I’ve chosen, perhaps you should consider why I chose it, and whether or not those reasons apply to you.


Phone: iPhone 6 Plus

  • The iOS vs. Android debate is a never ending quagmire that I don’t really want to venture into here, suffice it to say that in January of 2015, I decided to try using an iPhone again, and it turns out I really liked it. There’s a variety of reasons, but really, at the end of the day, it came down to battery life and camera performance. This is a fantastic phone, if you can put up with iOS and the somewhat-absurd size.


Tablet: iPad Air 2 (WiFi, 64 GB)

  • The iPad Air 2, with its top-of-the-line processor, 64 GB of storage (finally), a laminated screen (finally), and 2 GB of RAM (finally) might finally be the tablet I can use for years to come, breaking me of my distressingly-smartphone-esque upgrade cycle.
  • It’s an iOS tablet that outperforms a 2011 MacBook Air and that’s, frankly, pretty ridiculous.
  • The size, weight, and form factor make it almost as convenient to use as a smaller tablet.
  • The iPad’s software library continues to be unrivaled.
  • It’s the first iPad I’ve used that – probably thanks to the added RAM – legitimately feels like a secondary computer, rather than purely a consumption device.


eReader: Kindle Paperwhite

  • Another device I’ve already written about extensively, with the bottom-line being that Kindles are the best-of-the-best when it comes to the experience of reading an actual book. They don’t do much else, obviously, so I wouldn’t spend too much on one, but Kindles are obviously designed for a specific purpose and, in that area, they nail it.


Computer: 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display (Late 2013)

  • That screen.
  • No, seriously, that screen.
  • Only half a pound heavier than the MacBook Air, with much better specs, including that screen.
  • I’ve yet to use a laptop I prefer to Apple’s hardware; the keyboard and trackpad are seriously unmatched.
  • I prefer OS X, especially since I can boot into Windows for when I occasionally need it.  OS X also works beautifully hand-in-hand the hardware.


Camera: Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 II

  • I take a lot of pictures, and was tired of relying entirely on smartphone cameras, but I also wanted something that was small enough I could always take it with me.
  • The RX100 II is basically the best possible camera I can carry with me at all times.  At least until the RX100 III came out, I guess.


Wearables: FitBit One, Moto 360

  • These two devices are almost always with me; the FitBit constantly tracks my activity, while my Moto 360 makes sure I don’t miss anything and helps me organize my on-the-fly-thoughts.
  • I love that my FitBit ties into MyFitnessPal and adjusts my calorie allocation for the day based on my activity level.
  • I’ve written a lot about the Moto 360, but the quick-and-dirty summary: no one needs a smartwatch, but they are useful, and if you want one, and have an Android phone, this is the one I’d recommend, largely thanks to its ambient light sensor and incredibly convenient wireless charging.