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My 10 Second Review of Bloodborne

I can’t stop playing Bloodborne – well, except when the absurd 45-second load times every time I die literally stop me from playing Bloodborne.

Seriously though, I can’t stop playing it. Send help.

My 10 Second Review of Vainglory

Last night, I was in the middle of  very, very close Vainglory match when, to my horror, the screen froze – my iPad’s battery had finally given out. I ran upstairs, grabbed my iPhone, launched the app…and connected directly into the same match. Despite my nearly minute-long absence from the game, my team and I managed to squeak out a victory.

It was the most memorable moment I’ve had playing a video game in a long, long time.

My 10 Second Review of Hearthstone

Despite first being released on PCs, Hearthstone is, I believe, the inevitable result of tablet gaming.  I’ve long felt that tablets are an ideal medium for board and card games – I’m also hopelessly addicted to Ascension, for example –  and Blizzard embraced that by creating an incredibly-polished collectible card game that anyone can pick up and play.  The twist is that many of the rules would be incredibly complicated (if not impossible) to implement in a physical game, which I think is where tablet card games truly shine.  I can’t even imagine playing the physical version of the aforementioned Ascension, since there’s just so much to keep track of.

I would seriously recommend it to anyone who owns a tablet (especially now that it’s on Android), but I take no responsibility if you end up hopelessly addicted.  You have be warned.

(But seriously, it’s super-fun).

My 10 Second Review of Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

8.5/10, would kill Orcs again.

To elaborate:  This review was on my to do list for awhile, but I kept ignoring it because I’d rather have spent that minimal amount of time playing Shadow of Mordor than writing about it.  I’m also glad I played it to the end before writing about it, because Jesus, what a terrible way to end a game. It wasn’t enough to sour the whole experience, but it was close. The fact it doesn’t ruin the whole thing is testament to how great everything else is. Also, it’s probably the best Assassin’s Creed game you’ll play this year.

I can’t wait until the second one, where they take the good ideas and make them even better and blow us away, and their third game when they run the idea into the ground and ruin the franchise for everyone.


My 10 Second Review of the Destiny Beta

Between the Alpha and the Beta for Destiny, I’ve probably spent a good 8-10 hours playing the game…and I still don’t know if I actually want to buy it.  This doesn’t seem particularly encouraging.  I’m mostly just annoyed that I spent yesterday playing Destiny instead of more Divinity: Original Sin, even though Destiny was fun while it lasted.

10 Second Premature Review of Divinity: Original Sin

Yet another gaming podcast, and yet another person raving about Divinity: Original Sin. This game came out of nowhere, but suddenly everyone’s talking about it.  I’ve “only” played for maybe 8 hours or so, but so far it’s the frontrunner for this year’s “Holy shit it’s 2 AM what the hell happened I guess I should go to bed” award.  If you’re a fan of games like Baldur’s Gate or the old Ultima series, you need to be playing this right now.

My 10 Second Review of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Perhaps this is a statement somewhat colored by nostalgia, but regardless: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is about as close as you can get to a perfect game.  The music, art direction, and gameplay are all superb.

My 10 Second Review of Shovel Knight

If you’re a fan of old-school games like Castlevania, Mega Man, and DuckTales, you should probably be playing Shovel Knight right now.

My 10 Second Review of Star Citizen/Arena Commander

“Time to finally try Star Citizen!”

*updates all the graphics card drivers*
*downloads all the Windows Updates*
*downloads the 12 GB Arena Commander module*
*fires it up*

“Unsupported video card detected!”

*double checks system requirements*
*notices his (apparently ancient) graphics card is 100 MB short of the 1GB requirement*
*sighs, turns on his PS4, and flies around in an X-Wing and TARDIS for awhile*

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