Today I stumbled across this video, and thought it was pretty great:

Basically: if you’ve already used a smartwatch, and aren’t already sold on the concept, then the Apple Watch doesn’t do anything new or amazing enough to win you over. Personally, as someone who loved his Moto 360, I’m pretty excited to see Apple’s take on the same ideas.

While I know smartwatches aren’t for everyone, my experience is that people tend to only realize their usefulness after having one. What the Apple Watch could do, that other smartwatches so far haven’t, is win over otherwise-skeptical customers on brand name alone. A smartwatch is more than the sum of its parts, and I think millions of people are going to try the Apple Watch and be pleasantly surprised. In a way, the Apple Watch may very well be the best thing to happen to Android Wear since Android Wear was announced.