The Verge writes:

Google’s take on the smartwatch isn’t too different from what the people behind the Pebble figured out last year: it should be all about notifications. At its core, Android Wear is a little remote for your Android phone’s notification shade. Everything that appears there also appears on your watch, and when you dismiss notifications on the watch they also disappear on the phone.

There are basically two kinds of people in this world: those who check their phone immediately when it buzzes and those who don’t. If you’re the sort that does, you’re going to enjoy having your inbox on your wrist. When something comes in, you can quickly glance down to see what it is without completely ignoring whatever you’re doing. You can act on some of them too, thanks to Android’s rich notification actions. That means that you will be able to play and pause music from apps that put those controls in the notification center, for example.

So, as expected, Android Wear seems like a really solid foundation for some truly great stuff going forward. It’s already handling native Android notifications far, far better than Pebble, and once better third-party stuff comes along, like RunKeeper, then I’m afraid Pebble’s just going to be left in the dust, unfortunately. Pebble has done a fantastic job so far, but it’s really, really hard to compete with native, officially-supported solutions.

All I’ve really wanted out of Pebble is better notification support, a microphone, and fitness tracking functionality, and Android Wear is going to give me two out of three of these out of the gate.

Now, where do I get that Moto 360?