Ars Technica has leaked photos of the new Moto X, and most notable is the size of the device:

According to the leak, the X+1 will be bigger than the Moto X. The sequel is reportedly joining the rest of the flagship phones and jumping from a 4.7-inch screen to 5.1 inches. 

I have long-recommended the Moto X to friends thinking about switching to Android from the iPhone, and a big reason for that is the size.  Thanks to a fantastic, hand-friendly, small-bezeled design, the Moto X manages to fit a 4.7 inch screen in a form factor not much bigger than an iPhone 5 – and smaller, decently-spec’d Android phones are a rarity in a landscape full of 5+ inch flagships.  If these photos are real, it looks like Motorola is taking one of the most important distinguishing features of the Moto X and scraping it in favor of a “me too!” design.

The original Moto X was, like the iPhone, all about going for user experience over raw hardware specs, and the nearly got it right – all the Moto X really needed to be the perfect Android device was slightly-faster silicon and a great camera.   Unfortunately, it looks like Motorola is getting caught up in the spec race after all.