Sony, on the PlayStation Move:

“However, what we are realising ourselves is that PS Move was a bit ahead of its time — a precise and accurate 3D input device. We were very excited about the possibility of using 3D positional tracking to make games, but it’s really hard to do so with a regular 2D screen.”

I understand what Sony is trying to say – “We will use Move controllers with Morpheus” – but that bullshit about being “a bit of ahead of time” is unnecessary, inaccurate fluff.

It’s great if they found a way to re-use existing peripherals in a way that consumers might actually value, but don’t pretend Move was anything other than a flop out of the gate, or that it was simply too advanced, and now the gaming world is catching up with it.

I guess “sorry this thing sucked, but don’t get rid of it just yet because we may have found a way to retroactively make it useful” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.