Arstechnica writes:

According to the AP and Reuters, Lohan filed suit yesterday in New York state court, naming Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games as defendants. The complaint isn’t available online, but Reuters reports that the complaint says that a minor character named Lacey Jonas is a “look-alike” of Lohan and that the game violates her “privacy rights under New York law.”

Lacey Jonas features in some minor side quests in the game, including one in which the player must engage in some GTA-style wild driving to help Jonas avoid (video) the paparazzi. During the high-speed chase, the Jonas character expresses concerns about her weight and hair appearance.

You guys remember Mean Girls, when we thought she actually had a promising career ahead of her? I think, sometime around 2004 or 2005, all her talent and beauty jumped out of her body and took the form of Emma Stone.