9-to-5 Mac writes:

Apple’s big week starts with the arrival of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus inventory “as early as Wednesday, September 17th.” Retail inventory specialists (Back of House) have been instructed to “hold back 4% of overall inventory by SKU (minimum 1 device/SKU) for DOA holdbacks.” This ensures that customers will not be let down if their new iPhone has an issue right out of the box. Devices that were preordered for in-store pickup will be set aside so they are not accidentally sold to walk-in customers.

As much as I enjoy using Android, and am now even more heavily invested in it thanks to my purchase of an Android Wear smartwatch, one of the things I miss most about owning an iPhone is the ridiculously high quality of service provided by Apple Stores. Buying an Apple product means never having to question whether or not I’ll receive proper support, while buying an Android device is still a crapshoot, depending on both the OEM and the carrier you bought it from.

Little tidbits, like holding back 4% of every SKU in case of customer issues, shows that they really think about the end-to-end customer experience, rather than just how to make the sale.  In an ideal world, Apple’s level of support would be the rule, rather than the exception.